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Gadgets At A Glance: BenQ S6 Mobile Internet Device

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What is it: A touchscreen mobile Internet device Features: 4.8-inch touchscreen (800×480), 800Mhz Intel Atom processor, 3G and quad band connectivity, includes stylus, three axial G-sensor for scrolling through web pages and landscape mode, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, multiple video and audio support. Availability: Italy currently with the possibility of US. ...


Open It! Packaging Removal Shears Review


As a product reviewer, I’m always having a hard time dealing with the way smaller products are packaged. The main proponent of my exacerbation is usually that super sealed plastic that most gadgets are contained with in, like memory cards and such. Jamming a knife into the plastic is my...


ELV Motors Shows Off 180MPG Hybrid Scooter: VKM 50

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It goes without saying: times are tough for Americans right now.  We’re all boot strapped and even though the price per barrel of oil is going down gasoline isn’t.  The VKM 50, ELV’s latest hybrid scooter manages a surreal 180MPG thanks to it’s 49cc gas powered electric engine.  Top speed...


Verizon Launches New Samsung Slider: SCH-U650 aka Sway


Verizon officially launched a new Samsung slider today, called the Sway.  The handset features access to Verizon’s Rhapsody store (I’m currently reviewing and I’m impressed so far), Bluetooth stereo functionality, a 2.2-inch 262k color LCD and 2MP camera.  To expand memory you’ve got the SD card slot, which is compatible...


8-Bit NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridge Hard Drive


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Nintendo cartridge modded and I’m sure it’s not the last.  Jammed into this Super Mario Bros. 3 NES cartridge is a 250GB SATA hard drive with 8MB of cache. It’s powered purely by USB and cost’s $180 here. [Ubergizmo]...


Pantech’s New Flip Phone – 3G for $29


What the cell phone market really needs right now is a phone that has great functionality at a great price. Pantech hopes to offer all that with their new flip phone, the C610. Carrying GPS and 3G radio it has some high end specs for a budget phone and will be selling...


Home Theater In A Trunk


If the misses doesn’t want her living room over run with speakers and a massive TV, perhaps she’ll settle for the Home Theater in a Trunk, more officially known as the Movie Trunk.  Jammed into the box, which is on wheels, is a full surround sound system from Bang &...


Star Wars LED Flash Light

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What kind of die hard Star Wars fan would you be if you didn’t own one of these?  And hence why most Star Wars crap exists.  Still, though, there’s some half way decent attention to detail, and its utilitarian + novelty factor makes it a suitable gift.  It would go...


Make iPhone Ringtones Free, Using Just iTunes 8


You’re probably thinking it can’t be that easy? Wrong, it is that easy. Hit the video after the ‘leap’ for the demonstration or read my break down below on how to make a custom iPhone ringtone, totally free, using JUST iTunes 8. Find an MP3 (not AAC or anything with...