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Rovio Robot Reviewed


Robots-dreams, the purveyor of all things robot, got their hands on the Rovio robot.  Looking very mars mission worthy – hence the name, perhaps – the Rovio is a remotely controlled 3 wheeled vehicle with a built-in camera, LED lights and a bevy of other features.  The Rovio taps into...


Badass Portable Beer Pong Table: Port O Pong

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For $50 you’ll extend your summer time drinking stupidity and elevate it to a whole new level thanks to the Port O Pong beer pong inflatable table. Is it me, or does it look like that chick is about to snap in half. Available here [Crunchgear]...


Gadgets At A Glance: MSN Rocket Launcher


What is it: USB missile launcher controlled over MSN messenger Features: Developed with MSN, send your friends an invite to shoot you with three foam missiles over the internet from anywhere in the world! Includes a webcam so your ‘friends’ can shoot you where it really hurts. Availability: Here Price: $60...