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Trip Balls With The Interactive Mirror


Save the acid for the Phish show, because this Interactive Mirror built by Lit Studios will immerse you in a world of flowers, paintings, games and much more. In fact, I'm kind of hoping this ends up in retailers enabling you to try garments on before you actually, well,...


Bentley’s $20,000 Laptop

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Pushing on the boarders of just stupid and wasteful, Bentley has partnered with Ego Lifestyle to produce the car manufacture’s first and hopefully last laptop computer.  For a cool $20k you’ll receive an overpriced machine that bears the resemblance of a 1990s Apple laptop (you know, the ones with the...


An Adult Star Wars Millennium Falcon Toy


By no means is this a toy for a child. It's got 'nostaligia' written all over it, which deems it the ideal gift for the Star Wars geek in your life. It features Star Wars sounds effects, lighting, removable outer panels, smuggling compartments (booya) and light-up hyperdrive!...


Connect Your Plant To Twitter


I’ve probably murdered a good 5 or 6 plants in my lifetime.  I have no clue when to water them.  My guess is that I just saturated them with H20 until they couldn’t breath, or didn’t provide enough water for them to live.  This DIY Plant Twitter Kit requires a...