Losing your keys and getting locked out of your house straight up blows.  If you live some where remote and cold the experience probably couldn’t be any worse.  Or better yet someone is set to meet you at home, but you’re delayed and won’t be able to arrive for hours.  In an ideal world, if it’s someone you trust, you’d just let them in, but how?

Schlage is set to introduce a set of locks, called LiNK deadbolts, that connect to your homes WiFi network and enable the homes owner to unlock or lock the door via the Web or cell phone.  In addition, the owner can also review entry logs of individuals based on requested entry or pin entered into the included keypad.  Each lock and wireless module costs $299.  Additional locks can be purchased for $199 and Schlage will charge a ‘product adoption inhibiting’ $12.99 monthly fee.

The locks are expected to be on sale October 2008 at Frys and other major retail outlets.

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Christen Costa

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