The $98 HiVision miniNote Laptop

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hivision laptop
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7 Comments to The $98 HiVision miniNote Laptop

  1. jasonmacre

    when can I buy one, even people in developed countries can't afford to buy a computer nowadays,
    just because I am American does not mean I am not poor, I struggle to survive, just like anyone, and could really use a laptop such as this for accessing WiFi and word processsing, when will this come to the US. I am writing this on a public computer and it has taken me 15 minutes because of how slow it is.

  2. Chinese Engineers have done a very nice job!They design a low ressouces but reactive netbook.Now they can go forwards.First,they have to implement a mini linux booting directly on the browser homepage in few seconds as Splashtop.Secondly,to allow different energy supplies(solar,dynamo,AAcells)as FreePlay.

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