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Sanyo NV-BD600DT

Sanyo Intros 5.8 inch NV-BD600DT GPS


By: Daniel O Sanyo has announced their new Gorilla GPS, the NV-BD600DT. It has a huge screen measuring 5.8 inches and carries a rainbow of different specifications to wet our Global Positioning Satellite taste buds. Featuring a 4GB SSD, 1Seg TV tuner, built-in FM transmitter, built-in speakers (1 Watt), SD...


Apple Adds 3G iPhone Checkout To Online Store


In attempt to expedite 3G iPhone shoppers this holiday, Apple has added ‘online checkout’ for the 3G iPhone. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to battle the drove of tourists, teen MySpacers and everything in between because you’ll have to go in store to pick it up and complete activation. Don’t forget...


Free Eye-Fi Update Ramps Up Transfer Speeds, Adds Services


By: Albert S On October 5th, Eye-Fi is set to release a firmware update that doubles the rate of transfer speeds and adds the ability to send images directly to Adoramapix or Apple’s MobileMe. The cheaper Eye-Fi units can also be upgraded to use Skyhook geotagging and online photo transfer...


Macbook Pro Cooler


Sleek, simple and utilitarian. That’s what this conceptual Macbook Pro cooler embodies. Hidden beneath the Apple logo is a fan and heatsink, which sucks out the heat. I’m not sure how you’d connect the extra USB and Firewire, but who cares, this thing is bad ass! [Yanko Design]...


Solar Powered iPhone Case


Get all green on your iPhone with the Solar Powered iPhone case.  Apparently, it works with Gen 1 and 2 iPhones and provides a peak power of .61 watts, which equates to a purported ‘less than 3 hour charge time’. It’s available here in two different versions for $48. [Geekalerts]...


Samsung MediaLive Extender To Arrive October 15


By: Albert S Samsung’s MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender is set to arrive on October 15. This sleek looking device attaches to the back of a compatible Samsung HDTV (with a HDMI-CEC connection) and streams content from a network-connected Vista Windows Media Center PC. In addition to displaying all your...


Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric


Look no longer for the ultimate air guitar experience.  The Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric uses an infrared string system to detect your strums and a variety of buttons both on the fret board and above it to produce a wide variety of notes. They’ve also got acoustic version.  Both...

A18 CAse

Agent 18 Eco Shield Review for iPhone 3G


By Jeff B Wanna be green trendy and techy at the same time? Made from recycled bottles, the Agent 18 Eco Shield for the iPhone 3G will do just that. Living in Portland, Oregon you have to be both to be anybody so I willingly obliged. This case is pretty...