By: Christen da Costa

A new patent filing from Apple indicates their willingness to make a much greater investment in Nike+ and its capabilities.  So what’s the next gen Nike+ capable of?  Just about everything workout related.  To start, the device will keep track of your shoes and other garments wear and tare, providing feed back to the user such that they can replace it before injury occurs.  It will also be capable of monitoring your where abouts via GPS and compare your physiological aptitude against a database of other runners in your age, height and weight range.  Additionally, the next gen Nike+ would be able to provide points of interest based on historical GPS data and perhaps even, one day, advertise to the user based on recorded database information.

Scary and cool all at the same time.  As depicted in many futuristic apocalyptic films, the advancement of technology, and more importantly data tracking, might be human kind’s greatest downfall.  Is Apple the next Terminator or am I just crazy!?  I’m stickin’ with crazy for now.

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Christen Costa

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