With the announcements of the Toshiba Pico Projector and the 3M MPro110, the cell phone projector market is heating up. Neither of the aforementioned are out yet, but the Chinavision Tri-Band GSM/GPRS touch screen Cell Phone is. It’s not as pretty as the Pico and MPro110, but it gets the job done and for those out there who can’t wait, the Chinavision phone is available now. The phone uses a modded version of the iPhone OS and comes with the usual flavor of interfaces and peripherals. It has built-in 640×480 projector, touch screen, Bluetooth, digital camera, and microSD card slot. It’s battery has 2 hours of projector, and about 3 hours of talk time; not exactly lengthy. You can pick one up for $370.

Video after the ‘leap’


A. Smith