In the case of Bluetooth headsets, too small is never a bad thing. The BlueAnt Z9i Blueooth headset is the perfect mix of size, weight and comfort. But those attributes are nothing without sound quality, volume and connectivity. So how does the Z9i perform?

Is the Bluetrek Z9i any different from other Bluetooth headsets?
The Z9i is your pretty typical Bluetooth headset. It’s probably smaller than the majority of headsets out there and offers a well balanced solid build. An interesting option is the ability to switch between two ‘voice isolation’ modes which I had a hard time detecting.

How’s battery life?
Battery life is as spec’d. You’ll get about 3-5 hours of talk time and a good 4 or 5 days of standby time.

Is it comfortable?
No complaints here. It’s really light weight, and the flexible left/right ear hook, which can be flipped, swiveled and pulled to adjust to almost any ear, kept it securely attached to my head. The default ear bud was a little large for my ear canal, but its rubber padding enabled a snug enough fit for most circumstances. I only suffered from the default ear plug when driving, as it didn’t prevent outside noise from seeping in and mixing with the caller’s voice. Something that was slightly resolved by switching to the included smaller ear piece.

How’s the sounds quality and connection?
As mentioned, sound quality was good. Callers never complained about me

sounding distant, although the mic lay at my ear. The spec’d ‘wind reduction’ technology sorta works, but when I sat in front of a fan and recorded my voice over blueant-z9ivoicemail, it was very apparent that I was in a windy environment. Notably, the volume of the Blueant Z9i was a little under par from other Bluetooth headsets I’ve experienced, but on the upside prevented me from blowing my ear drum out. As for connectivity, I was a little disappointed. I tested the Z9i with my iPhone, and although the device ‘paired’ easily with my phone initially and when placed back in proximity, the connection was often filled with ‘crackles and pops’, unless of course my phone lay within a 1-2 foot range.

How long does charging take?
From what I could tell it takes a few hours to get a full charge from the BlueAnt Z9i. When powered on, the call answer button, which is finished in silver with the BlueAnt insignia, flashes blue, like many Bluetooth headsets. Included in the packaging is a USB cord for charging by computer. A nice touch if you’ve got an already cluttered power strip.


Is it worth buying?
To be honest, there wasn’t anything that absolutely floored me about the BlueAnt Z9i. I loved its small and subtitle size, and pairing, volume control and call answer are all simple enough even for my tech retarded mother. It offers a slew of other features, such as call transfer, voice dial (if your phone offers that), reject call, redial last number, etc, which should attract those in need of a feature heavy headset. All together, I just wish the connection to my phone was on pare with the BlueAnt Supertooth 3.

The BlueAnt Z9i is available here for $67 with Free Shipping

Christen Costa

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