Agent 18 Eco Shield Review for iPhone 3G

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A18 CAse
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2 Comments to Agent 18 Eco Shield Review for iPhone 3G

  1. Agent 18 cases destroying iPhones!!!!!
    Here is something you should know…
    The Agent 18 Eco Shield cases for iPhone 3g & 3gs are DESIGNED TO OPEN ON IMPACT according to the company’s owner and their customer service person.
    This is happening to folks all over the place and in some cases is resulting in the destruction of the phone.
    My brand new 3Gs was destroyed when it fell from a short height, landed flat on it’s back, the case POPPED OPEN. it FELL OFF THE PHONE, the phone flew out of the case and landed on it’s screen which shattered.
    I know of multiple other instances where this is happening.
    Agent 18 as a company has ZERO contact info, but with a bit of detective work and a threatening letter I was finally able to get them to respond and that is when they told me that this case is designed to do EXACTLY what I described above!
    I think that the buying public, has a right to know this design detail BEFORE we plop down the $34 for this case and risk the $200 it costs to replace the iPhone.
    I have photographs of the damage to my phone and links to where other people are reporting this problem if you want further verification.
    Please help get the word out so that other people don’t have to go through what just happened to me.

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