By Jeff B

Wanna be green trendy and techy at the same time? Made from recycled bottles, the Agent 18 Eco Shield for the iPhone 3G will do just that. Living in Portland, Oregon you have to be both to be anybody so I willingly obliged. This case is pretty cool for the most part, and beyond it’s green selling point, it does a good job.

To begin, the case is fairly lightweight and it feels good within a loose grip in your hand. It has ribbed edges along both sides for added traction in your hand, as well as an included docking insert adapter that fits with any universal dock. In regards to attaching and removing the case, it splits in half vertically and has a little slit in the plastic allowing for a thumbnail to pry it apart. The bottom half contains two silicon cushioning pads for a more secure fit inside the case.

Visually, the plastic is quite flush against the iPhone and doesn’t add a whole lot of extra girth when resting it in your pocket. The model I demo’d was black so it made the iPhone look like one cohesive unit. Regarding the functionality of the case, I have only one major gripe and that is the hole provided to access the power button at the top of the iPhone is way too small. You kind of have to jam the tip of your finger into the hole in order to power it down. Adding to the discomfort of the tiny hole is how small the actual button is on the iPhone 3G, so not entirely the cases fault, though together is definitely insult to injury. The only other problem I had with the case is that it collects the everyday particles. I’m one of those people who always is wiping my phone to keep it clean, so it’s a welcome function of this case that allows it to be easily unattached for cleaning at a moments disgust.

Altogether, the Agent 18 Eco Shield is a nice case that is competitively priced and is made by an eco friendly company allowing piece of mind for the trend savvy.

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Jeff B