Daily Archives: September 30, 2008


JVC Shows Off Unnamed Hi-Def SDHC Only Camcorders


Hi-Def SDHC camcorders are nothing new, but JVC is getting on board with two unnamed Everio models.  Specs are pretty much nonexistent, but you can expect built-in flash/light, relatively large flip out LCDs, HDMI out and a bevy of other options. Pricing and release date have yet to be announced....


Hitachi’s Latest 37-inch LCD Is 15mm Thin


Hitachi, not known for their TVs, unleashed a 37-inch LCD at CEATEC 2008 that’s just 15mm thin.  Other specs include a 1920×1080 resolution, 6ms response time, 150% wider color gamut and weighs just 22lbs.  The new LCD is part of the Wooo UT series. No word on release date or...


LG Intros KP500, 3-inch TouchScreen Cell Phone On The Cheap


According to LG, the KP500 will be a budget touchscreen handset.  No official word on price or launch date, but specs checkout at 3-inch touchscreen, 3MP camera, accelerometer, and available in black, brown, silver and gold. Hit the ‘leap’ to clock a video of what they’re calling an ‘Active Flash...


Adobe’s Flash Confirmed For The iPhone


Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. During a town hall meeting Paul Betlem, Adobe Systems’ senior director of engineering, responded to an audience question about the existence of Flash for the iPhone. His response, to paraphrase, “My team is working on Flash on the iPhone, but it’s a closed platform”....


Know The Weather At A Glance With The Weather Station Mood


One quick ‘take’ of the Weather Station Mood from Oregon Scientific and you’ll know if the forecast calls for cloudiness, partially cloudiness, rain or sun.  The base of the clock changes color accordingly, while displaying the exact temperature and time thanks to the PTB in Brunswick, Germany. Available here for...