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UCSD’s StarCAVE 3-D Virtual Reality Environment


The UCSD StarCAVE is a 3-D virtual reality environment that attempts to simulate virtual worlds. Basically, it’s a pentagon-shaped room with 15 rear projected walls, 2 floor screens, and stereo sound, capable of recreating an ultra-sharp, totally immersive environment. It’s for scientific purposes but my first thought was, “the holy...


Gadgets At A Glance: MyMiniGolf Crazy Golf


What is it: Mini golf you can play anywhere! Features: Comes with 13 obstacles including ramps, loops, jumps and cups. Also comes with a putter, 2 balls and a score board. Availability: Out now! Price: $329 ( but you’ll be at the climax of cool)....

incharge wii charger

Teknocreations InCharge Charges Wiimotes Without Opening Cover


Teknocreations’ InCharge charging system charges wiimotes without opening the battery cover. Let me emphasize that again: it charges the wiimote through the battery cover AND the wiimote jacket. Well, hallelujah! Swapping batteries on a dressed up wiimote, and frequently mind you, is an exercise in pure frustration (absolute evil, don’t...

Samsung NC10 10.2″ Netbook Launches

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Samsung have today announced the release of their Toshiba beater, the NC10. You may remember the Raon Everun being shipped the other day. Well if you were impressed by those specs then these will send you to notebook heaven. Carrying a maximum of 160GB of storage, 1.3 megapixel camera, WiFi...

Samsung BEATb

Samsung to Launch BEATs and BEATb Music Phones


Samsung is launching two new music phones.  Both BEATs (which is a slider phone)  and BEATb (which is a bar style phone) have a few interesting features.  They both can use the Shazam’s music finding program to look up a song and find the name and artist and then download it for you...