Daily Archives: September 14, 2008

Human Catapult That Doesn’t Go Horribly Wrong


[GR]L5KscxnxY6A[/GR] Falling somewhere between the Darwin Awards and pure genius is this home made, semi professional human catapult.  I’m not sure what’s powering it, but the grassy knolls in the backdrop look ever so Swissesque.  Just simply submit your insurance policy number and file for life insurance before taking part....


Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Now Available For Purchase


Sunday isn’t exactly the day I’d pick to officially launch a product, but the mishaps and missteps for Sprint are many these days, so just making the HTC Touch Diamond available for purchase is more than enough.  That is of course if you’re willing to sign a two year agreement...


Another Asus Touchscreen Pops Up


Very little is known at this point, but according an Asus forum this is yet another Asus phone in development. Running some iteration of Window Mobile (probably 6.0), it looks like it sports a microSD card slot for memory expansion, a Pearl like mouse, a rather large touchscreen and a...

Dell Latitude E4200 Availability Date Unveiled


By: Christen da Costa Dell finally set a launch date for the Latitude E4200 and E4300 laptops, which we originally announced 8/13.  Expect them September 16th.  Course, Dell transposed the intro copy from the E4300’s page to the E4200’s, so who knows what’s accurate.  But since their specs are similar,...