Daily Archives: September 13, 2008


Giinii 8-inch Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame Review


By: Wallace Wang Most people capture pictures using digital cameras, yet they often print their images and store them in frames to hang on a wall or prop on a desk. Rather than waste time printing out an image on paper, use a digital picture frame instead, such as the...


iPhone Tethering Is Back Thanks To iPhone Modem App


By: Christen da Costa Hold up! Before you think you can run off to the App store and pick up iPhone Modem, think again. This one’s for jailbreak(ed) iPhones only, that is until Apple approves their app, which has been the ‘approval queue’ since July. To start you’ll need to...


Toshiba Shows Off Its Handheld Pico Projector


By: Christen da Costa So the details are scarce, but Toshiba’s LED based handheld Pico projector got some light of day at Europe’s IFA 2008 this past week. What’s known at this time is that it’s 100 grams in weight (solid little sucker – that’s almost a quarter pound), measures...


3M Reveals Pocket Projector MPro110


By: Daniel O ‘Hey you! How come you’ve got Bambi playing on your back?’ reply ‘Isn’t it obvious? I got myself a 3M pocket projector…and a friend.’ 3M have announced their newest product, the MPro110 (pocket projector) and the guys at Popsci.com have got their hands on one. Basically it’s...

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