Daily Archives: September 12, 2008

Hulger Pappa Phone Released


By: Daniel O What do you get when you mix American walnut, brass and a bit of cable? You get Helger’s new VoIP phone called Pappa*Phone. It’s the first ever wooden VoIP phone and works with most services including Skype. It plugs straight into the PC or Mac and has...

Ewoo Announces 3 New Products


By: Daniel O Ewoo announced three new products a couple of days ago, HandMusic(above), EFizzTravel and Efizz. HandMusic allows users to connect their iPod to AV equipment while the use of the remote control allows you to easily browse your iPod from anywhere in your home. The controller has a...

upcoming wii games

Gamepro’s 21 Upcoming Must-Have Wii Titles


By: Albert S Gamepro has a great list of upcoming Wii titles. The one to note is ‘Wii Sports Resort’ which is an updated version of the original and includes the Wii MotionPlus addon. With this accessory the Wii will be able to capture your movements much more accurately. The...

soundmatters foxl portable stereo speaker

Soundmatters Foxl Portable Speakers: Tiny But Big On Sound


By: Albert S The Soundmatters Foxl portable speaker, designed by the legendary Dr. Godehard Guenther, is tiny but delivers amazing sound. Measuring a mere 5.6 inches in length, you would think this compact music delivery system (aka speakers) could only produce squeaks but it actually sounds like a much bigger...

Revenge Of The Phonesaber


By: Daniel O The original release of PhoneSaber, back when the iPhone was released, proved to be a bit of a failure when LucasArts removed it from the app store saying it infringed copyright. However, they made us a promise that they would revamp the PhoneSaber officially and they have...

Sony VAIO NS Brings Us $1000 Blu-Ray Notebooks


By: Daniel O ‘Another one Sony?!’ I hear you say, well yes, Sony today announced yet another notebook in a long line of releases, but this one is different. It contains a Blu-Ray player and other features commonly seen in the more expensive high-end products, and still manages to keep...

Thanko USB Mouse Warming Fish


by: Daniel O A hot blue fish on your hand as you surf. Most peoples dream, that’s why Thanko has released their “USB mouse warming pad”. Simply let the fish engulf your hand and it will heat it up to 107 degrees in only 10 minutes. Luckily there is a...