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xbox 360 120hdd

Microsoft Announces Price Drop For Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive


By: Albert S Microsoft announced the new $149 price for their 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive. This is a welcome $30 drop right on the heels of their console reduction. Right on, Microsoft, keep those prices dropping and I’ll switch over to Mojave…err Vista. Promise. And here’s a tip for...

Blackberry Bold Release Date Updates


By: Christen da Costa A many of folks at CTIA Wireless were waiting for an announcement today from Blackberry’s CEO as to when the Bold will hit the US market. Even though a press release was leaked a few day ago indicating that it will hit some time in October,...


HTC Opal Is Real


By: Christen da Costa According to BGR, the HTC Opal I wrote about a few days ago is in fact real and does closely mimic the original HTC Touch; they’ve added a few tweaks but nothing notable.  Now we just gotta wait for HTC to come out with an official...


New Apple Patent Emerges For Nike+ With GPS and More


By: Christen da Costa A new patent filing from Apple indicates their willingness to make a much greater investment in Nike+ and its capabilities.  So what’s the next gen Nike+ capable of?  Just about everything workout related.  To start, the device will keep track of your shoes and other garments...


Sony Takes It’s XEL-1 OLED TV Wireless


Cool Sony, but can you get me an OLED that’s bigger than 11-inches and wireless.  Price isn’t known, nor should it be since the Wireless XEL-1 is for show off purposes only.  In short, Sony added on HDTV thanks to the built-in wireless receiver (I’m preassuming it connects to a...

Sandisk Announces 32GB SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash


By: Daniel O Sandisk today announced their new 32gb Extreme III CompactFlash card trying to prove that big memory doesn’t mean slower cards. It comes with 30mb/s which is not a bad speed for something of it’s size but do we really need a card with so much memory? $299...


Blackberry To Add Lifestyle Apps


Back in the early 90s the must have app to was email, and Blackberry was all over it like white on rice.  These days though, email is given just as much as making a call is.  To keep pace with the iPhone and other emerging smartphones, Blackberry announced the launch...


Sony ZS-S4iP Boombox Gets With The Old And New


Merge the old with the new and you’ll end up with something like Sony’s ZS-S4iP Boombox. Old because at first glance this thing looks so 80s it could have its own 20 year reunion party. New because the front of the device opens up and ‘eats’ an iPhone or iPod...

Peek Handheld Email-Only Device Available For Pre-Order


By: Daniel O Peek made it’s email-only handset available for pre-order today. It should be arriving with a $100 price tag at Target on Monday with a choice of three colors. Its functionality is key to it’s design. So for those of you who are considering buying a smartphone, but...

Sony Announce Handycam HDR-FX1000E HDV Camcorder

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By: Daniel O Are you sick and tired of making videos that are only good for YouTube? If yes, then Sony’s announcement of the Handycam HDR-FX1000E HDV camcorder should be right up your street. Sporting 1080i recording, 20x optical zoom, 29.5mm wide angle G lens and 1/3″ 3 ClearVid CMOS...