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toshiba 240gb

Toshiba Announces 240GB 1.8inch Hard Drive


By: Albert S Toshiba announced a 240GB 1.8″ hard drive for portable devices. Don’t know about you but a 240 gig ipod would be pretty palatable.  I’d have a heck of a time filling it up but the option would be great nonetheless. [News Blaze]...

Esquire Mag Goes E-ink (video)


[GR]iKS12PMdJ6w[/GR] Back To the Future 2 technology is upon us!  Course, E-ink has been around for a few years to say the least, but this is first time we’ve seen it integrated in something so expendable.  Hit the video to see live animation on the cover of Esquire magazine!  Notably,...


Gyration Air Music Remote Combines Mouse and Remote

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Movea, Inc., the folks behind the Gyration Air Music Remote, announced the products retail availability today.  The Air Music remote is a fully equipped home theater controller with a built-in LCD screen.  Its designed to work seamlessly with either the Windows Media or iTunes applications. Integrated into the remote is...

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Makes The Arc Mouse Official


A few months back I posted pics of a leaked Microsoft mouse call the ‘Arc Mouse‘. Today, Microsoft made it official and as reported the tail of the device folds up for greater portability. Embedded in the body of the wireless mouse is a snap-in magnetic bay, which holds the...


Sony Ericsson Unveils New Phone: G705


Announcing a consumer electronic on an Apple event day is like launching a pilot TV show against the Super Bowl time slot.  It’s just pure insanity.  Nonetheless, Sony Ericsson announced the G705 slider phone today.  It sports a 2.4-inch screen, 3G, a full HTML web browser, accelerometer (for switching to...


Apple Takes Back NBC


With 65 million users how could NBC resist. That’s right, NBC shows are once again available on iTunes. After pulling out of the World’s most popular music store almost a year ago, NBC has signed a new deal with Apple to distribute its shows. To bolster engagement, NBC will be...

Mitsubishi Laservue 65-inch DLP TV Price Announced


When Mitsubishi unveiled their Laservue TVs earlier this year the only thing left to wonder was the potentially astronomical price. On Monday the electronics manufacturer made the 65-incher’s price public, $7,000. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the price of the 73-inch box, which I’m guessing will be almost double, if not...


Sony Announces New Bluetooth Headphones: DR-BT160AS

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Unfortunately, Sony’s newest headphones look at bit cooler and feature heavy than they actually are. Yup, the DR-BT160AS Bluetooth headphones are just that, headphones.  You can opt for a bundle, which includes a dongle for your iPod (looks like Sony has finally conceded on the MP3 player front), and you’ll...


Flying Car, The Autovolantor, Gets Semi Legit


Prototype people, prototype. Crafted from dreams and grid lock frustration, the Autovolantor’s design is based off a Ferrari 599 GTB, just add on wings. The idea is that if you’re stuck in traffic you just flip a switch and take off to free skies. It’s produces lift from 8 fans...