Daily Archives: September 8, 2008

intel ssd

Intel Announces X18-M and X25-M Solid State Drives


By: Albert S Intel announced the X18-M and X25-m consumer SSD drives. So what’s the big deal, there’s a bunch of them already? The big hoohah is that these drives are blaaazing fast, as tested by Laptop Magazine and PC Perspective. Intel’s claim of a 250MBps read rate have been...


Google Files Patent For Wave Powered Floating Server


Ha! You thought the ‘wave’ and ‘floating’ were tech speak. Wrong! Although the patent was filed back in February of this year, it was just recently spotted by a Slashdotter. So what is it? A data center that’s powered and cooled by the ‘motion of the ocean’ and resides 7...


The Google Rocket Launches New Google Maps Camera


Google, along with Geoeye and Boeing put a camera in space yesterday that’ll enable some ‘extreme close ups’ (thanks Garth and Wayne). The DoD is in on it too, so the camera’s full potential is limited to a half of meter of detail, although it can achieve .41 meter close...


HP EliteBook 6930p Rocks 24 Hour Battery

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Forget about the whole ‘built tough’ thing for a sec, because HP has introduced a laptop that boasts a 24 hour battery life.  No word on whether or not the system has to be configured at its lowest power setting or something to that affect, but at just 4.7lbs this...


ASUS Rolls Out TouchScreen Cell Phone: P552w


Looking oh so HTC Touch, interface wise that is, Asus has rolled out it’s first ever handset call the P552w (the ‘w’ should denote white).  The foot print of the device looks smaller than the iPhone or the Touch, and it will sport a 624MHz processor, 3.5G HDSPA connectivity, Windows...

nintendo wii

Nintendo Coming Out With Wii Storage Solution


By: Albert S According to Miyamoto and Reggie (the big Nintendo honchos), the Wii is to have some sort of storage solution–it’s not a hard disk but it’s supposed to be better. So what in the heck is it? Solid state, SDHC, tupperware, or maybe online storage? Who knows, but...