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chilin lamp free 1080p projector

Chilin Technology Announces First Lamp-Free LED Projector


By: Albert S Chilin Technology announced the world’s first lamp-free, liquid-cooled LED projector. Say no more! they already had me at “lamp free”. It’s easy to understand my excitement considering typical projector lamps burn out after a few thousand hours and cost an arm and leg to replace. The innovative...


BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset Review


In the case of Bluetooth headsets, too small is never a bad thing. The BlueAnt Z9i Blueooth headset is the perfect mix of size, weight and comfort. But those attributes are nothing without sound quality, volume and connectivity. So how does the Z9i perform? Is the Bluetrek Z9i any different...


Cables To Go to Offer Wireless USB to VGA kit


By: Albert S Cables To Go announced a wireless USB to VGA kit that allows a PC to connect to a remote display up to 30 feet away. Couple this with a wireless mouse/keyboard and you have many possibilities. A remote desktop? A public display monitor? or how about a...


James Bond Hiding License Plate

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I blew through a couple of red lights with cameras when I first moved to LA, and I sure as hell could of used this guys playbook. It cost me over $700 in fines. A Queens New York truck driver jimmy rigged his license plate such that he could hide...


iPhone Best Buy Availability Date


Nothing too exciting, but everyone always likes the raggity circular images, not sure why. Anyway, Best Buy will start selling the iPhone 3G September 7th, as previously stated here. They’re the first independent retailer to carry the iPhone and for Apple’s sake hopefully they’ll reach an untapped socioeconomic demo. Best...


Sony Ericsson Releases SDK For Xperia Cell Phone


If you clocked the Xperia ad I posted a few days ago, then you know that the ‘Panels’ are a far cry from the iPhone’s GUI – they just look cumbersome. Nonetheless, Sony Ericsson released a free software developers kit, or SDK, for the Xperia today. Unfortunately, I think they’ll...


Philips Brings Light Therapy To The Computer Monitor


If you’ve lived in So Cal, Florida, or some southern region of the world, than you’ve probably never experienced seasonal depression.  Yup, it exists, and when I lived in Boston the days grew rapidly short from September on, and so did my patience with people – hence the affects of...


Surf Board Meet The Gas Engine: Powerski


Got a little ‘extreme’ in you?   I’d think so if you’re gonna ride the Powerski.  The surf board like device features an integrated 45hp engine at its rear, which apparently puts out almost 300lbs of thrust and has a top speed of 35mph – in short, this thing will get...


China Develops Intel Compatible Chip: The Godson-3

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By: Albert S The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) developed the Godson-3, a x86 “simulating” chip that is scalable (4 core version in 2009) and largely compatible with Intel-based applications. The interesting thing is that royalty fees are not required since the chip is simulating and...

Hands On With Dell Inspiron Mini 9

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Cnet, the behemoth review site that they are, got their mitts on the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (the notebook that hasn’t shipped yet and was officially announced yesterday). They likey, but noted the lack of function keys which is of course reflected in the larger letter keys, a welcome sacrifice....