Daily Archives: September 3, 2008

xbox 360 versions

It’s Official: Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Price Drop


By: Albert S It’s official, folks. Microsoft drops the prices of their console packages, effective September 5th. The Xbox 360 Arcade drops by a whopping $80 to $199.99 while the standard and elite drop by $50 to $299.99 and $399.99, respectively. It will be interesting to see how the competition...


Samsung Unveils DJ Focused Q1 Tablet Computer


Until you’re a super star DJ you better believe that you’ll be lugging around your equipment from gig to gig – reportedly the worst part about being a disc jockey.  To quell this back breaking problem, Samsung has come up with a new iteration of their Q1 tablet computer, which...


DirecTV and Tivo Announce New HD DirecTV Box


Now they just need to hurry up and form a partnership with Time Warner (I can wish, right) so I can ditch my Moxi box.  No offense to Moxi, but Tivo has a superior product.  There isn’t a ton of news to divulge here, but from what I’ve gathered DirecTV...


LG 8-inch DVD Player LCD Photo Frame: The DP889


Sleek and some what svelte are almost mandatory for me when it comes to piquing my interest..for anything. The LG DP889 does just that and does double duty as an 8-inch photo frame and DVD player thanks to the hidden drive located behind the screen, the memory card reader, USB...


SX02 Flight Simulator


Got $9,500 to blow?  Good, because you’ll need it to get into the SX02 Flight Simulator.  It features complete surround sound, 3 LCDs for true cockpit like viewing, an adjustable hand throttle, flight pedals, a backlit Logitech keyboard and most importantly some sort of hydraulic like floor system to insure...

hivision laptop

The $98 HiVision miniNote Laptop


By: Albert S HiVision offers a $98 laptop that runs on Linux and features the Dragon MIPS processor, Wi-Fi, 1GB storage, 7″ screen, 3 USB ports, SDHC card reader, audio in/out, ethernet, and VOIP functionality. Not too shabby for a laptop that really does run under $100. Read more about...

sprint xohm wimax

Sprint To Launch XOHM WiMAX Network In September


By: Albert S Sprint announced the availability of XOHM this month, starting with Baltimore then moving onto Chicago, Washington D.C, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Did you catch the serious omission here? Los Angeles! Punks. Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with the technology, XOHM uses the 4G WiMAX network...