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Dell 910 (aka Inspiron Mini 9) Launch Date Confirmed

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Dell, via Information Week, confirmed that the Dell 910, the Eee like PC – it’s pretty darn small – will officially be unveiled this week.  Dell still won’t confirm the previous leaked specs or the 2lb laptops official name.  Guess we’ll have to wait a day or two…or three....

shure se102mpa

Shure Announces SE102MPA Sound Isolating Stereo Headset


By: Albert S Shure announced their budget SE102MPA sound isolating stereo headset. Listed at a cheap $99 (for Shure), these headphones feature the same passive noise isolating technology as their more expensive models. They were designed for the iphone/smartphones and include a Music Phone Adapter. Click here for their press...


Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ Service Finally Launches


I reported on the ‘Comes With Music‘ service last year, and finally the Nokia service has launched. In a nutshell, the ‘Comes With Music’ service is bundled with the purchase of a Nokia phone and provides users unlimited downloads of the music of their choice. Subscription length is 1 year...


Google’s Photo Service Gets Face Recognition


Google, the smart cookies that they are, added Face Recognition to its photo service (Picasa) today.  It’s a pretty straight forward service. You just associate a name with a face, and Google will proceed to search, and index the rest of your photos and tag faces accordingly.  I have yet...

google chrome

Google Announces Availability of Chrome Web Browser


By: Albert S Google announced the availability of their new Chrome web browser in beta form. Yeah, I know, it’s not a gadget but it sure seems like one with its shiny name and numerous, nifty functions. Basically, it’s a browser designed from the ground up to be extremely stable,...

Sony Ericsson EU Xperia Ad Emerges


[GR]CBjV2fYWlik[/GR] While watching this advert I couldn’t help but notice that some of the imagery seemed a little forced.  For instance, they’ve sped up the portion of the video where the dude is responding to an email on the Xperia’s slide out QWERTY keyboard.  Nonetheless, the Sony Ericsson Xperia looks...


Remote Controlled Batman Tumbler Vehicle

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If you can’t afford to build your own Batman Tumbler vehicle than I’ve got the perfect alternative: The 1:6 scale remote controlled version! It ain’t cheap, though, at $450 a pop.  For the money you get real headlights, a slidable cockpit roof panel, and movable air brake flaps. Available here...


Logitech Goes Super Thin With The Illuminated Keyboard


By: Christen da Costa Logitech announced three new keyboards today. The most notable of the three, is the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. It’s a svelte .37-inches thick – Logitech’s thinnest keyboard yet – and features their PerfectStroke key system (please, keep your teenage snickers to a minimum), which presumambly provide’s a...


Silver Metallic Nintendo Coming To The US


This type of news doesn’t exactly pique my interests, but for those hard core Nintendo DS fans, especially the ones that collect them, will be glad to know that the Silver Nintendo DS will arrive State Side September 7, 2008.  Let the shininess begin! [Nintendo]...


Apple Announces September 9th Event


By: Christen da Costa Come one, come all (actually, it’s limited to invite only)! Apple will hold a special event on September 9, 2008. The event has been tagged ‘Let Rock’, thus insinuating it’s music/iPod focused. The Net is flush with rumors of a new Nano in the works, but...


Hand Powered Walkie Talkies

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There might not be anything worse than being stuck in an ultra remote location with walkie-talkie in hand and no battery juice left to power one last call for help.  Enter the dual powered hand crank two way radios.  On the back of each radio is a crank.  Just 5...