Daily Archives: September 1, 2008


Samsung Intro 5 New Point and Shoot Cameras


Samsung introduced five new point and shoot digital cameras at Germany’s IFA 2008, today.  The most notable (and flagship) of the bunch is the NV1000HD, which as it implies, can record 720p HD video.  It also sports a massive 3-inch touchscreen LCD, 14.7-megapixels, 3.6x optical zoom and more.  Pictured here...


Will The Real Steve Jobs CSR Please Stand Up


According to posts on the Net, Steve Jobs might be double timing as a customer service rep and  responding to Apple devotees’ emails.  In all likelihood it’s a PR scheme to keep the Apple fan base happy, but if it works it works.  Course, I know I barely make time...


Belkin Joy Pad For iPhone and iPod Touch Games


You can season this one with a grain of salt, because there’s no official word from Belkin.  Pictured here is yet another game pad for the iPhone or iPod Touch, much like the iControlpad.  Or is it?  The Belkin Joy Pad might in fact be a stand alone device, but...


LG Unveils Plasma TVs With Built-in 160GB Hard Drive


Although LG’s newest Plasma TVs (the PG6900 series) won’t be a Tivo killer any time soon, they most certainly pose a threat to the stand alone DVR box that has gained mass popularity and set an interesting precedent for TVs of the future to come. Embedded in the 42-inch, or...


Gorenje iPod Fridge


If you thought iPod integrations were restricted to the car or living room, think again.  Raon Digital has built a fridge with integrated iPod dock and speaker.  Would I use it?  For sure. Would I pay a premium for my fridge because it had an iPod dock?  Oh hell no! ...