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Nintendo Working On A Pedometer…Maybe


Looks like Nintendo got the memo. You know, the one about mid 40 year old moms and their obsession with counting how many steps they’ve walked in a day.  Ya, it’s for real, and it’s a FITNESS CRAZE. So, there’s no way of 100% confirming it, but someone dug up...


Ruf Set To Introduce Electric Porsche


Ruf, widely known for their Porsche aftermarket parts, will show off an all electric vehicle next month based off the 911.  At the heart of the vehicle will be an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery able to produce 500lb/ft torque and a 125mph top speed.  Expected range is...


Gadgets At A Glance: Toshiba Super Charge Ion Batteries (SCiB)

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What is it: Really cool super batteries that charge in 10 minutes flat Features: What more can I say, it charges to 90 percent capacity in 10 minutes, lasts longer than current lithium-ion batteries, can be charged 5,000 to 6,000 times, and leaps tall buildings on a single charge Availability:...


Pandora Gaming Handheld Available For Pre-Order


Attention all you hardcore gamers: the Pandora gaming handheld is available for pre-order through their website. If you’re not a gaming geek you probably thought this had something to do with the streaming music service (congrats to Pandora on the Webcaster Settlement Act, btw). This device does in fact play...


Netflix API Goes Live Tomorrow

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Don’t even think about hitting the Netflix API site today, because you’ll receive a login prompt.  If you’ve got the dev talent then Netflix has the 100,000 movie and TV episode title database for you to whip up your very own ‘iPhone app’, or whatever inspires you.  The API includes...


Californians Can Mount GPS On Windshield, Effective Jan 1, 2009


Californians can finally mount their GPSs on their windshield starting Jan 1, 2009. A few years ago, the lawmakers banned the units on wieldshields hoping to make the roads safer. Now, I don’t blame them for trying something, anything really, to help Californians drive better…it is a jungle out there...


The Watermill Converts Humid Air To Drinkable Water


The Watermill literally sucks up the air’s humidity and eventually converts it to drinking water. It performs its own filtering and purification by exposing the water to an ultraviolet sterilizer, making it safe for cooking and drinking. The Watermill can produce up to 12 liters of water a day. Currently,...


IO Data Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


With an expected price tag of $150, IO Data’s Mini Bluetooth Keyboard probably won’t fly off the shelfs, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t earn some street cred for its small form factor and wireless Bluetooth abilities.  As you can see it’s not much larger than a grown man’s hand,...