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Garmin Adds Four New 700 Series GPSes With Lifetime Traffic


Garmin introduced four new models today: 755T, 765T, 775T and the 785T. They all include 4.3-inch touchscreens, lifetime traffic updates via NAVTEQ, Bluetooth for handsfree calling, and 3D transparent building views. Notably, the 785T will get an MSN Direct free trial which includes all sorts of travel info and my...


Credit Card Sized 20GB Hard Drive And Cheap


We love cheap here at GadgetReview, hence all the shopping deals in recent.  Samsung is set to hit the market with a credit card sized 20GB hard drive that will cost a mere $45!  Officially called the Black Edition Q Series, the hard drive has a 1.8-inch form factor and...


Open Source Gaming: The Wiz


The Wiz is no slouch in the gaming department.  Outfitted with an Arm9 533MHz processor with a 3D accelerator, 64MB of RAM, 1GB of built-in NAND flash memory, an external SD card slot, a single USB 2.0 connection, a 2.8-inch OLED touch screen panel with a resolution of 320 by...


Space Cube Computer And Why You Need One

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You’re gonna want wanna these because it’s just so damn small.  You’ll need one of these so you can plug into any TV with a ‘VGA input’ so you can show off to your pals.  Tech specs you ask? 300MHz NEC VR5701 processor, 64MB of RAM, a 1GB CompactFlash card,...

p2i waterproofing

Plasma Product Innovations (P2i) Develops Method to Waterproof Anything


By: Albert S P2i, a UK company, developed a way to waterproof just about anything. Their ‘ion-masking’ process actually bonds with material on an almost microscopic level, allowing the treated product to be completely waterproof.  Unlike other methods, this treatment is permanent and actually repels water molecules instead of absorbing...

mx6000 universal remote

Universal Remote’s MX-6000 Coming Soon


By: Albert S Universal Remote is set to release their new MX-6000 device that will control just about everything in existence. Specs include a 4.3″ LCD screen and 128MB RAM. The cool thing is that it has built in Wi-Fi to connect to any IP device. Universal indeed. [Wired]...


1989 Batmobile Up For Sale


Hard to believe that the first Batman movie was back in 1989 (I’m not including any 60’s TV spin off stuff).  Somebody now has it up (1 of 5 that is) for sale on Ebay for a cool $110,000.  Expect to sign some sort of contract with Warner Bros (probably...


iLuv Intros Dual Dock Alarm Clock: iMM173


Talk about an optimal bedside alarm clock!  The iLuv iMM173 features two docks for either 2 iPhones (accepts 3G and Edge) an iPhone and an iPod – you get the idea.  It’s totally Apple certified so that should mean no GSM signal interference when you’re in a deep sleep or...