Lunocet High-Speed Swimming Device

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lunocet high speed fin
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2 Comments to Lunocet High-Speed Swimming Device

  1. Jonathan, thanks for the heads up. I was going to order via the website but decided to do a little research before ordering. Glad I did. I *hate* ordering retila stuff that has to be made custom order. If this guy was serious, why doesn’t he just make a 20-30 for immediate sale?

  2. I ordered a lunocet monofin and never received it after multiple promises/excuses from Ted Ciamillo. I ended up having to dispute the charge with my credit card company after a classic “your check is in the mail” final promise that a refund was coming. BTW, the check never arrived but thankfully my credit card company was very supportive of my dispute. Bottomline, BEWARE!!!!

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