Comcast Losses Net Neutrality Case

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2 Comments to Comcast Losses Net Neutrality Case

  1. Seems like someone has the whole concept backwards. Comcast and Time-Warner are AGAINST Net Neutrality, not FOR it.

    If Net Neutrality were imposed, the very situation you described would NOT be possible due to it being illegal for ISPs to “prioritize” connections and make services like Netflix slower. A “Neutral” internet is an internet in which the free flow and non-discrimination of data is promoted.

    I believe you have switched the platforms of Deregulation vs Regulation in this scenario.

  2. Well, it looks like the courts are doing a sufficient job in keeping the corporations in line when it comes to free speech on the internet. What should cause everyone great concern is if intermittent abuses by corporations were replaced by government control of the internet. Surely we would all like to have the same people who are “bailing out” the financial industry to define “neutral” on the internet.

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