I gotta be honest, prior to receiving the Supertooth 3, I had never used a Bluetooth speaker phone. Fortunately, the Supertooth 3′s setup was straight forward and super easy to use, intuitive in fact. With in 5 minutes (including time walking to my car) I had the Blueant Supertooth 3 setup and ready for calls (this doesn’t included the charging time). My experience to date has almost been flawless with one minor drawback, and because of this small and relatively in expensive product I’ve finally realized an almost complete iPhone car integration.

How difficult is the Supertooth 3′s setup?
As mentioned in my intro, the Supertooth 3 is pretty darn simple to setup. Upon initial powering, the device is ready to be paired with a phone, and after setting my phone to ‘discoverable’ and entering the pin ’0000′ in my handset the two devices were paired. The Supertooth 3 then continued to suck down all my iPhone’s contacts and kept me abreast of its progress until completion. Installing the Supertooth onto my car was simple as slipping one of the two metal strips over the visor and aligning the Supertooth 3′s magnets into position.

Is it loud enough to understand the caller and could the caller(s) hear you ok?
This thing gets almost ear drum piercing loud. Furthermore, it automatically adjusts to ambient noise and increases amplitude as necessary (I had a hard time judging this). Not one caller complained of a poor connection or the ‘echo’ effect often experienced with speakerphones, but a few asked the forever nagging question of ‘Am I on speakerphone?’ Unlike many Bluetooth headsets, there was absolutely not static in the connection.

Can you ‘mute’ the Supertooth 3 and what other buttons are there?
There is no actual ‘mute’ button on the Supertooth, but fortunately, most phone’s have this built-in – sorta defeats the purpose of handsfree, though. For the sake of simplicity while driving, it looks like BlueAnt purposely went bear bones on the buttons, which I assure you is a good thing when navigating LA’s highways and back roads. There’s two button, green and red, dedicated to answering and disconnecting respectively, and volume buttons. Furthermore, you can toggle the ‘voice answer’ on and off by holding down the volume up key for 5 seconds. When a call arrives, you just need to say ‘ok’ or ‘accept call’ when the beep sounds and the Supertooth 3 will answer the call handsfree. Now for my gripe: The volume buttons are located on the sides of the Supertooth 3. While carrying the device to-and-fro from my vehicle I’d inevitably push the volume up or down button, eliciting the loud and ear piercing robotic voice which says ‘speech prompt volume’. ‘Speech prompt this’, is what I’d think to myself. Annoying yes, but not a deal breaker by any account.

How’s reconnecting the Supertooth 3 to the phone once it’s paired?
This was was virtually flawless. In fact, I got a few scares because the Supertooth 3 is so damn diligent about reconnecting to my phone. I’d step back into my vehicle, and the Supertoth 3′s voice would exclaim ‘reconnected to phone’, albeit in an androgynous voice. There aren’t too many Bluetooth devices, in my experience, that have achieved this level of ‘reconnect’.

Does the Supertooth 3 work well with the iPhone?
It worked great. In fact, while listening to music in my car via my iPhone it worked wonders and offered up a poor man’s version of an iPhone car integration. How so you ask? When my iPhone rang the music was automatically muted, and because the Supertooth 3 is connected via Bluetooth the call is transferred to the speakerphone and not the car’s stereo speakers. When the call hung up the music automatically restarted where it left off. Perfect, simple and cheap.

How’s battery life?
Killer. Standby time, with absolutely no use is a few hours short of 14 days. Throw in some consistent use and you’ll still achieve and ungodly amount of hours. Either way you’re covered, because BlueAnt includes a car charger.

Final thoughts?
It would be unfair for me to say the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 is wort its weight in gold because it’s so damn light. For a mere $70 or so, I was able to achieve better call quality than any Bluetooth headset plus a poor man’s iPhone car integration. The volume on the Supertooth 3 is loud and clear, it’s mic works great, installation is simple, battery life is great and setup is super easy. The title reads ‘Supertooth 3′, but it’s more like ‘BlueAnt Supereasy and Superuseful 3′.

Available here for $90 + Free Shipping


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