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Logitech Gets In To The Boombox Game: The Squeezebox Boom


What we have here is an easy to digest streaming music box.  Unlike other Squeezbox devices, this one should appeal to the mainstream consumer since it looks more boombox or desktop stereo than component add on.  The $300 device connects to your home’s network via WiFi or Ethernet, and streams...


No New Amazon Kindles


My hopes and dreams of a cheaper college experience have been crushed!  Wait…I already graduated college.  Stinkin’ film school, Emerson to be exact.  I won’t say it was a complete waste of time…oh right, the story.  Amazon’s chief spokesperson squashed any possibility of a cheaper, retooled Kindle emerging.  To quote:...


Blackberry Bold Launch Date And Pricing


Giz says the Blackberry Bold will hit September 12, 2008.  Price?  You sure you wanna know?  Of course you wanna know!  It’ll cost $299.  I’m guessing that’s with a 2 year.  Without a 2 year contract?  Probably $550+. This isn’t an official date, but seems reasonable since Rogers Wireless in...


Sony Bravia BDV-IT 1000 Complete Your Home Theater Setup

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I’m not a big fan of out of the box home theater setups, but for those without the aptitude or tolerance for audiophile banter will appreciate Sony’s newest offerings.  The Sony Bravia BDV-IT 1000 has an all in one Blu-ray player/receiver at its heart, and is backed by dueling wireless...

star wars landspeeder

Star Wars Landspeeder a Reality

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By: Albert S Daniel Deutsch, creator of the R2D2 projector and possible Jedi-master, undoubtedly used the Force to create this 1:1 scale of the Star Wars landspeeder. For you non-Star Wars fans out there this was the ultimate bar-hopping, alien chick-magnet vehicle of its time–wasn’t too shabby at snagging those...

samsung x360

Samsung Announces X360 Ultraportable


By: Albert S Samsung announced their new “lighter than air” X360 ultraportable, competing with the likes of that other “air” branded portable. Their claims are justified as it’s 3 ounces lighter than Air (the Apple-scented kind). Other features include the Centrino 2 ULV processor, up to 4GB RAM, choice of...

sony rolly

Sony to Release Robotic Rolly Sound Entertainment Player


By: Albert S Sony unveiled the Rolly Sound Entertainment Player, a robotic device that plays music and dances to it. With multiple moving parts, it can spin, move its “ears”, and flash numerous colors of light to the rhythm of it’s internally stored music (2GB to be exact). It can...