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LG NAS Device

LG Announces NAS Device With Blu-ray Burner


By: Albert S LG announced what may be the first Network Attached Storage device with a built in Blu-Ray burner. With this handy storage unit you can store all your files via the network and burn a backup on a Blu-Ray disc. It features 4 Terabytes (that’s four T’s!) of...


Sony LBT-DJ2i Xcross Fade For DJ Wanna Bes


If you can’t afford those two uber expensive turn tables and wanna join the late 1990s bandwagon of ‘wanna be’ DJs, than you might just appreciate the Sony LBT-DJ2i Xcross Fade.  It features 450 watts total power and most importantly two iPod docks and a CD player for mixing in...


American Sign Language Cell Phone Tech Developed


I know I take my ability to hear for granted. Every day I go about my business making calls and having in person conversations without thinking twice about the challenges the deaf or hard of hearing have. Fortunately, some college student at Washington University are on top of it, and...

Alien Robots Attack Earth


[GR]ROQ9Zzq6j1Q[/GR] Ok, not really, but these robots sure are intimidating looking and scare the crap out of the bystanders. Looks like something out of the Sci Fi channel’s ‘made for TV’ movies’, if not cooler. Hit the video to see all the ‘tom foolery’. Ya, there’s some of that. More...


Apple Event September 9th? Maybe…


Nothing has been confirmed, but all sorts of media folks are purporting an Apple event on September 9th.  Hopefully, Apple will hurry up and announce new lappies.  Oh lordy, please says it’s a Macbook Touch.  I need more touchscreen action.  My life is void without…plus my girlfriend just moved to...


Keyboard With Built-in Scanner

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I wouldn’t go as far to say the Keyscan KS810 Keyboard is what peanut butter is to jelly, but it’s pretty darn close.  What we all lack is desk space and the Keyscan KS810 provides more of it by integrating a full color scanner into the keyboard.  Definitely, clutch for...