Daily Archives: August 20, 2008

T-mobile Android HTC Dream

T-mobile Android HTC Dream Launch Details


By: Albert S T-mobile’s Android HTC Dream mobile phone is set to be released on October 13. It’ll cost you $200 smackaroos with a 2 year commitment. Not a bad deal at all since you’re getting an awesome phone coupled with the hottest mobile operating system. Click link below for...


Sony Play TV For The PS3 Unboxed And Tested


The folks at Stuff got their mitts on the Sony Play TV.  The small and unassuming devices turns your PS3 into a DVR that can receive terresterial TV and presumably cable signals.  It features its own electronic programming guide (7 day) and can record shows while you play games, although...


Apple Gets Hit With First iPhone 3G Lawsuit


As you’ve probably heard by now, many folks are complaining about the iPhone 3G’s lack of 3Geeness.  One iPhone customer is so pissed that she’s filed a suit against Apple for misrepresenting the phone’s abilities.  Her name: Jessica Alena Smith.  She’s hoping the suit will get approved for class action...