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Hydrorunner G3 + Scorpion Hydrogen Super Car


Their website isn’t entirely clear, but if I am reading it correctly, you retrofrit this unit to your vehicle and can increase the mileage by 75% – 125%.  The system uses hydrogen in combination with your vehicle’s preexisting source of energy.  To fill up, you simply add water and the...


Lenovo Unveils X301 Details


Lenovo is hittin’ the pre Q4 game with a fury.  Today, they unleashed some details about the next iteration of the Thinkpad X300, appropriately dubbed X301.  If you recall, this it the PC laptop Mossberg of the WSJ dubbed the Macbook Air competitor, or something to that degree.  Anyway, on...


Access Your iTunes Library From Home On Your iPhone


I am gonna keep this post short and to the point.  Hit up iSmashphone for all the steps.  With the Simply Media app you can access your iTunes library, and 10 friends’ library, from anywhere your iPhone has a 3G or WiFi connection.  Just download the app (here) to your...


Darth Vader Tie Fighter Web Cam


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got Star Wars fever. The Force Unleashed is out in about a month, and the feature length Clone Wars movie is hitting the big screen in a week. To tie it all together (ahhh, get it, sneaky huh), we’ve now got a...


Terminator Skull DVD Player


No word on how you operate this Terminator head turned DVD player, but it sure would make a great center piece for my diamond plate inspried coffee table.  Sorry, there really aren’t any details, but it would appear that the eyes glow Terminator red when on and running. [Toxel]...

Lian Li Xbox 360 Chassis

Lian Li Launches PC-XB01: the Xbox 360 Chassis Replacement

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Lian Li announced the availability of their Xbox 360 case replacement, the PC-XB01. Basically, it places the internals of the system into a sleek, sexy metal casing with improved cooling and vibration protection. What you get is a cool, silent Xbox 360 that’ll fit right in with your entertainment system....