Daily Archives: August 8, 2008


Cyber-rain Smart Sprinkler System


I’m not a home owner and nor will I be one any time soon considering LA’s average house price. But if I were, I’d wanna save money and hopefully while doing so save the environment. More importantly, the city of LA has a lofty goal of cutting water consumption by...

Pineapple Express iPhone App Ad


[GR]8ailcWRzCjs[/GR] Since I’m on the subject of the iPhone Apps, here’s a hilarious video mocking the new stoner movie Pineapple Express. Take a look, but I’ll give you a hint: It involves the iPhone and an app specifically designed for the weed smoker in all of you. Ya, that’s right,...


iPhone Music Synthesizer On It’s Way


Looks like there’s a music synth app for the iPhone just around the corner.  Apparently, you can manipulate tones or music just by changing the orientation of the iPhone (i.e. accelerometer).  I’m sure DJ’s and music weirdos (think Radio Head wanna bes) will be the first to download it. Expect...