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3 Useful iPhone ShortCuts I Didn’t Know About

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iSmashphone did a list of 12 useful iPhone shortcuts.  I knew most of them, but 4 of them really stood out for me, in fact shocked me.  Here’s my 4: Take a screen shot on your iPhone and save it to your camera roll.  Just hold the ‘home’ button and...


T-Mobile Blackberry RoadMap Leaked


Blackberry News says they’ve got the scoop on T-Mobile’s newest Blackberries for the next 4 months.  What should we expect?  3 new colors fo the Pearl: Tahitian Green, Indigo and Light Blue.   The Blackberry Kickstar will launch in late September or early October, and it might even become the new...


Sony Ericsson Announces T700 Celly


Slim and thin, the T700 reminds me of a Sony Ericsson – looks wise of course – from about 4 or 5 years ago.  The 10mm slab of delight, has a 3.2MP camera and 2-inch LCD as its main feature set.  Other notables stereo speakers, streaming music via Bluetooth, 3D...