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A Real Life James Bond Jet Pack

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Nasa has struggled for years to come up with a jet pack.  You know, the thing we all one day hope to strap to our backs and shoot into the sky like superman.  Believe it or not, a New Zealand born inventor, a one Glenn Martin, has been tinkering with...


90210 iPod


Capitalism will stop at nothing, huh?  CBS, which didn’t even air the show – it was Fox – has an iPod Nano engraved with Brandon, Dilan, Kelly and Brenda from the hit show ‘90210’. It’s an 8GB Nano and costs $269.  No returns accepted, but who would wanna do such...


HTC Touch Diamond Launch Date and Carrier (rumor)


No word on the official and actual date, but rumorville has the HTC Diamond Touch pegged for a August 2008 launch on Sprint.   Although Sprint has yet to confirm the partnership, this pic emerged on the Net linking the two. Spec info and more pics here [Brighthand]...