Since Mitsubishi isn’t being honest, at least in my opinion, then I’ll try to be.  You can’t fake surround sound.  But, that’s exactly what Mitsubishi hopes to do with its newest LCD TVs.  Integrated into the base of the LCDs, which come in varying sizes, are 16 speakers.  Through the use of algorithm magic, the Integrate Sound Projector (aka iSP) will time the emission of sounds according to their location (i.e. front, back, side, etc).

The LCDs, which come in 46-inch (LT461149) and 52-inch (LT53149) sizes and are $3,300 and $3,700 respectively.  They’ll will be available later this month (July 2008).

Let’s just hope it’s not an amplified version of today’s ‘virtual surround sound’.  It makes my head spin.


Christen Costa

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