By Tiffany Miller

I must admit, I’ve never felt the desire to bedazzle my cell phone or shell out extra cash for a hot pink ipod case. I like technology for utility, not as a fashion statement. This probably explains my lack of enthusiasm upon reviewing Lexi Barnes’ laptop case collection. Not only do I not feel the need to “cuten” up my case, but I’m a little turned off by the bright bold patterns and the cutesy names (e.g., Gem, Superstar) that would be better suited for a 12 year-old’s lip gloss than a laptop. I cringe at the thought of showing up to an important interview with my hot pink, paisley designed case in tow (unless of course said interview was with Mattel or American Girl). The feminist in me wants to cry out against the notion that women should try to make their laptops more fashionable and flirty (something about this feels so 1950s), while the girly girl in me feels that the busy design and bright colors would clash with the majority of my wardrobe.  While this particular product is not right for someone like me, it would be perfect for the gal who aspires to be just like Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”.

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Christen Costa

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