naked-case review

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, much like the Naked Case 2. The clear case is best at protecting the iPhone (Gen 1 only) from scratches and the occasional bump. Because my testing didn’t include risking the virility of my iPhone I can’t say whether or not it would withstand a 1 – 2 foot drop. Given it’s lack of rubber housing and semi thin build, my guess is that it wouldn’t.

What the Naked Case 2 does do is completely protect the iPhone ‘s body and screen without inhabiting its touch sensitivity. In fact, the Naked Case 2 made it easier to grip the iPhone since it features a beveled flat front unlike the rounded corners of the iPhone.

The volume, vibrate, home button, camera and dock connector remain exposed, and unfortunately the Naked Case 2 render the iPhone incompatible with the included dock. I also noticed that the proximity sensor was slightly hindered by the Naked Case 2, and I ended up inadvertently muting a few phone calls.

The semi flat front didn’t prove comfortable for long term calls and left a ‘crick’ in my ear. Because the Naked Case 2 leaves the volume, dock and ear piece uncovered it tended to capture dirt, dust and pocket lint requiring me to occasionally clean it.

Installing the Naked Case 2 is relatively straight forward and features a ‘slide together design’ making it easy and much faster than a few other cases I’ve used. Because the Naked Case 2 is a clear acrylic plastic it scratches, and after 5 weeks of using the Naked Case 2 I was able to review all the bangs and scratches my iPhone might have incurred.

Final thoughts? The Naked Case 2 kept the iPhone looking new, naked (slim) and best of all scratch free.

Available here for $35


Christen Costa

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