Daily Archives: July 29, 2008


New Macbooks To Sport Non-Intel Chips (rumor)


I’d take this with a grain of salt.  For Apple to suddenly revert to a proprietary chip for the Macbook, or some other brand, it would be a step back.  What’s made them so successful in recent, is crossing over the PC divide or gap.  The iPod got them into...


Apple Gets Hit With More MobileMe Problems


I’m really disappointed in Apple’s iPhone 2.0 firmware update.  My iPhone’s reception is all wacked (it requires me to restart the phone periodically) and the UI is all laggy.  To add insult to injury, Apple has screwed up the launch of MobileMe.  In addition to email problems with MobileMe –...


Nokia E71 Smartphone Now Available For Purchase


Wow, I’m remiss.  I didn’t even know this thing was coming out, but yup, here it is.  Starting today you can pick up your very own ‘the world’s slimmest QWERTY smartphone’, the Nokia E71.  Surprisingly, Nokia is actually selling these at their stores in NY and Chicago, where as here...