Daily Archives: July 26, 2008

naked-case review

Case Mate Naked Case 2 Review


I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, much like the Naked Case 2. The clear case is best at protecting the iPhone (Gen 1 only) from scratches and the occasional bump. Because my testing didn’t include risking the virility of my iPhone I can’t say whether or not it would...


Honda’s Latest Bubble Car: Puyo


I didn’t convert the French writing on the linked page, but the pics say it all.  It’s a concept and I don’t see it going into production.  I gathered that it’s electric. More pics after the ‘leap’...


Nokia Tube (aka 5800 XpressMusic) Photos Leaked


I actually totally forgot about the Nokia Tube cellphone; you know, the one that was associated with ripping off the iPhone’s everything.  But, based on a these pics, it doesn’t look like Nokia has a leg to stand on.  Who knows, maybe this is some crappy, yet convincing Photoshop job. ...