Daily Archives: July 21, 2008


Cow Methane Gas Tank


Cow methane (aka cow farts) causes global warming.  Yup, believe it or not, we’ve got enough cows roaming the earth to have a hand in the green house effect.  Looks like someone is finally getting on board, at least in Argentina.  Scientists there have fitted cows with plastic backpacks to...


Cheap and Small Gaming Projector


Not everyone can drop a few grand on a projector.  So, if you desire a similar gaming experience without burning your entire savings, then there’s the XPJ Projector.  This $279 device displays a max resolution of 640×480, connects via the standard inputs but can display an image 40 – 70...


Star Wars MP3 Player


Looks like there are a few versions of this kicking around.  The Star Wars MP3 player, which features Darth Vader, rocks a 512MB flash drive, a small monochrome screen, rechargeable batteries and USB cable. Sweet! Available here and here [Geekalerts]...


Nintendo Wii Keyboard


Logitech, long time maker of keyboards and mice for computers, is set to launch the Nintendo Wii keyboard.  Looking slim and trim, this wireless typepad is a full QWERTY and will boast Wii specific keys such as zoom, forward/back, quit, and more.  The receiver dongle fits snuggly into the keyboard...

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