Daily Archives: July 17, 2008

Terminator Salvation Trailer


No intro needed.  One word: BADASS.  Ok, maybe it’s a little too soon to tell, but still, anything is better than T3.  That was the only TV movie to hit the Silver Screen first. [GR]X3Wyj5IJZMA[/GR]...


Ear Buds Designed To Save Your Hearing


For everyone one teenager I see another one has a pair of white ear buds jammed in their ears.  I can’t help it. I find it disrespectful to those there with, especially if it’s family.  If it were my kids, they’d get a slapping. Fortunately, I don’t own any, kids...


Creative Set To Introduce The Zen Krystal


Nope, I didn’t spell it wrong.  The marketing geniuses at Creative…well, they went and got all creative.   The Zen Krystal is a 4GB MP3 player, rocks a monochrome screen and similar sport like features to that of the Creative Stone Plus – stopwatch, etc.  It’ll also have a built-in pedometer...


Sidekick Gecko Get’s Official As The Sidekick 2008


BGR, the cell phone maven of the web, scored some insider info on the soon to be released T-Mobile Sidekick for 2008.  It looks like they forewent any complicated naming (it was Gecko), and have chosen ‘T-Mobile Sidekick 2008′ – inventive, right?  It was code named Gecko (this is a...


Tivo Adds YouTube Functionality


Not a whole lot to tell.  I’m guessing the interface is tailored to Tivo remotes.  David from Zatznotfunny says it’s encoded in H.264 as opposed to MPEG-2, which is apparently the Tivo standard.  The YouTube functionality will only be available to Series3 customers. Expect the service, or addon, to roll...

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