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Free iPhone 3G Upgrade


1saleaday.com is offering a FREE iPhone 3G if you send in your old iPhone.  For the 4GB, they’ll give you $100, so you’ll have to drop $100 of your own cash to get a new iPhone, but the 8GB and 16GB trade in values, $200 and $300 respectively, should have...


Voice Control Your iPod With The Muso

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I present this product with full skepticism.  Plug it in to your iPod, and the selfpowered device will allow you to control your music by voice.  The Muso’s battery will last 10 hours and costs $159. Perhaps I should get one for review… Video after the ‘leap’...


World’s Largest Subwoofer


It doesn’t look like much, but according to the guys at Make, this is a giant subwoofer.  Embedded in the floor is a actually sixten 8 x 18-inch woofers that put out, at its lowest, a brain numbing 10Hz frequency.  The explaination wasn’t all that clear, but that’s what infered...