Daily Archives: July 15, 2008


Unique USB Flash Drive Looks Broken


This USB Flash drive reminds me of the SNL skit in which the car alarm is replaced by what appears to be an already beat up and crappy car.  Hit the alarm button and the shocks sink and the tires deflate.  This USB flash drive appears to be a cut...

dell e laptop

Dell Launches $300 Laptop: Dell E


Funny name for a laptop considering the brand.  Get it, Deli.  This 8.9-incher weighs 2.2lbs and rocks an ‘instant on’ Linux OS or Windows XP if you so opt.  It’s hardware is as follows: 1.6Ghz Intel Diamondville processor, 4-16GH SSD hard drive, 512-1GB of RAM, 3 USB inputs, mic input,...


D-Link Launches Internet Closed Circuit TV Product


D-Link, long time makers of routers, switches, etc, launched their first Internet Surveillance Kit today from the D-Life line of products.  It includes one closed circuit camera and two power/network adapaters.  Setup is super simple, and accessing the camera’s ‘view’ is as simple as logging into the D-Life website. At...