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Microsoft Finally Unveils Netflix Partnership

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So after months of rumors Microsoft has come clean. The Xbox 360 WILL stream Netflix’s 10,000+ movies and TV shows. Praise the lord! I almost bought a Netflix Player, although based on my experience so far (I have a review unit) the Netflix Player is a pretty great device –...


Belkin BreakFree Protects Your Gear Like A Macbook


Scratching your head yet based on my title?  The Belkin BreakFree uses the same principal as Apple’s Magsafe power cords.  When, and if the something yanks on the cord leading to your guitar or amp, the cord will simply detach without damaging the components. According to Belkin the BreakFree Connectors...

Amphibious Tank

Remote Controlled Beverage Delivering Amphibious Tank


Remote controlled tank meet McDonalds cup carrier.  It also fires BB bullets up to 90 feet.  If you’re stranded in the middle of the pool fear not, for the Amphibious Tank will dismount from land and cruise across the water to deliver the beverage of choice. Available here for $92...


How AIM Works On The iPhone

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I downloaded AIM from the Apple App store and was immediately disappointed with its functionality, but after some testing and playing around with it I’m a bit more satisfied.  If you’re like me, you looked for some instructions, or some sort of a manual and came up short.  Here’s what...