Daily Archives: July 11, 2008


Kodak Theatre HD Player


Netflix recently made the move and offered a set top box (The Netflix Player) to stream their content.  Now Kodak, a company that has been synonymous with photography as long as I can remember, is jumping in.  My initial reaction: this thing will fail like the Microsoft web box you...


You Can Buy The Hellboy 2 ‘Big Baby Shotgun’


Hell ya!  Unfortunately, it costs 7 bills, but if you can spare the cash.  Upgrading to ‘collector’s grade’ is only an additional $2.  What the HELL does that get you? You can preorder here, but it won’t be available until the 1st quarter of 2009.  That’s almost 6 months from...


Mitsubishi Builds 16 Speaker Flat Panel TV


Since Mitsubishi isn’t being honest, at least in my opinion, then I’ll try to be.  You can’t fake surround sound.  But, that’s exactly what Mitsubishi hopes to do with its newest LCD TVs.  Integrated into the base of the LCDs, which come in varying sizes, are 16 speakers.  Through the...