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3G iPhone To Have Replaceable Battery


Take this one with a grain of salt, but some bloggers, and no doubt the iPhone obsessed, spotted 2 screws on the bottom of the 3G iPhone.  Does this mean a replaceable battery?  Perhaps, or perhaps not.  Seems like a reasonable assumption in light of the numerous complaints and law...


Prius Adds Solar Panels To Keep The Tree Huggers Cool…

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…but wait, there’s more.  The new Prius will purportedly have a more powerful but efficient engine, perhaps get anywhere from 55-100 mpg, and plug-in to your home’s electric socket.  To offset the cost of the fuel sucking A/C Toyota will add solar panels to the car making the Prius go...


A Real Talking Knight Rider (The TV Show) Voiced GPS

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Mio is set to launch the Knight Rider GPS.  In case your second guessing this post and pontificating about what marketing ploys Mio employed – ok, ok than your half right. The Knight Rider GPS will include all the normal GPS qualities, including a 4.3-inch touch screen, turn-by-turn navigation, etc. ...

iPhone With Flash (video)

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[GR]iJhGCQ888Os[/GR] Here’s some video of an iPhone sporting Flash.  It’s actually Flash Lite and it was installed by Belgian iPhone coder Thomas Joos using two apps: eyeGT and b.Tween.  Hit the video to see it in action. What’s this do to the iPhone’s battery?  Is this why Steve doesn’t want...


Blackberry Thunder Touchscreen Phone Pictures

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Blackberrysync managed to score some pics of the highly anticipated Blackberry Thunder (aka Blackberry 9500).  According to them, it’ll run Blackberry’s 4.7 OS, have some sort of Sync (Blackberry Sync) that’ll work with iTunes (say what?), and feature an iPhone comparable 360×480 touchscreen. One more pic after the ‘leap’...