Daily Archives: July 3, 2008


Ovei Home Theater Pod (aka Home Theater In A Capsule)


This thing was unveiled at the UK’s CEDIA 2008.  It’s exactly what the title says it is.  Apparently it’ll feature touchscreen controls, A/C, and a bunch of optional gaming equipment such as a built-in steering wheel.  You can pick one up – who knows where – for $100,000! Mork or...


SensoGlove Meet Golf Club


The next time your golfing buddy tells you to ‘get a grip’, you can say ‘I did, and it’s got an LED screen’, or something stupid like that.  Golfers are always looking for every angle to enhance their game and hence the SensoGlove, which ‘teaches you the right way to...


Netflix Player To Stream More Than Netflix


I’ve got a Netflix Player review unit right now and I gotta say I am pretty impressed.  Don’t worry, I’ll knock out a review soon enough, but then again there are a number of other ‘reviews’ out there already.  Anyway, back to the story at hand.  According to Silicon Alley...

First Pico Projector In A Cell Spotted


About time Texas Instruments! I’ve been writing about this for like..forever.  Big ups to Crunchgear for getting their hands on this.  The commentator in the video says it’s an AT&T Blackberry with a Pico projector embedded.  Something like an 8.5 x 11 image is produced, which is the size o...