Daily Archives: July 2, 2008


Personal Wind Turbine


If you recall, I reviewed the Hymini which is a personal wind powered battery.  If it is up to one Philippe Starck, we’ll all have personal wind turbines powerful enough to power 20% – 60% of our homes energy.  The device, or mini wind turbine will cost about $650 and...


Tyrant Alarm Clock


Don’t snooze with this alarm clock or it’ll call your boss, your ex-girlfriend, your boss’ wife, you brother, your drinking buddies until you wake up.  For every 3 minutes that you ‘snooze’ the alarm clock will dial a random number in your cell phone.  It’s a concept so don’t sweat...


The Dark Knight ‘Joker’ Bobble Head


The Dark Knight movie is just weeks away and I’ve seen stories that it’s already sold out.  The director and composer will be doing a ‘guild screening’ at one of two of LA’s Imax theaters next week (not saying which one in case the freaks emerge). Anyway, it got me...

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