wimaxAre you sick and tired of Comcast and TimeWarner?  Would you ditch your Cable company if you could get a decent Internet connect else where?  Well, in 2010 Clearwire is promising to make Wimax available for wholesale access.  Course this means Comcast or TW could buy in and resell it (they’re actually a partner on it, but not THE owner), but since it’s a high speed, go any where wireless signal we wouldn’t be stricken to a few providers based on geographical location.  Clearwire is reporting download speeds up to 6Mbs and upload 3Mbs.

On the flip side, since they’re will only be one provider of such a service, at least for the foreseeable future, they can grossly inflate the price for service.  Argggg!

Check what Clearwire is promising (bulleted list) after the ‘leap’

  • “New Clearwire will permit consumers to use any lawful device that they want so long as it is compatible with and not harmful to the WiMAX network
  • “New Clearwire also will permit consumers to download and use any software applications, content, or services they desire, subject only to reasonable network management practices and law enforcement and public safety considerations
  • “New Clearwire will offer non-exclusive wholesale access to its network
  • “New Clear wire will deploy an advanced mobile WiMAX broadband network that will cover up to 140 million people in the United States in 30 months”


Christen Costa

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